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Active Track units manufactured
by EBS Poland


Q: Can I purchase a device from Active Track (Pty) Ltd ?

Q: What is the tolerance in positioning the AT user's GPS position on the map?

Q: What SIM card is necessary to use all AT functions (GPRS, voice, GPS)?

Q: How many hours does the device operate without the need to recharge the battery?

Q: What is the difference between Active Track and Active Guard?

Q: What maps are used in the application for Active Track for GPS location?

Q: Can the device operate with SIM cards from different operators?

Q: How is data sent from the Active Track device?

Q: What does the Active Track system consist of ?

Q: What do I need to start work apart from the Active Track device?

Q: Will I receive software with the device ?

Q: What end software supports Active Track and where is it available?

Q: How many users may work with the application?

Q: How may I configure Active Track?

Q: Is the signal transmitted by Active Track/data transmitters via the GPRS channel coded ?

Q: Where is Active Track manufactured?


Q: Why is Active Track's casing so resistant?

Active Track

  • GSM Voice/SMS
  • RFID reader
  • Panic Function
  • Man Down Function
  • Waterproof
  • Tamper Proof

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