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Active Track units manufactured
by EBS Poland

Applications of The Active Track and Active View System

The Active Track unit offers a range of services through one hand held device

  • Live Tracking through GPS
  • Patrol Monitoring & Asset Tracking through RFID structured routes / designations
  • Communication to the device through GPRS/GSM network
  • The ability to raise a panic anywhere

The Active Track unit is user friendly to the man on the ground while providing innovative reporting to the end user who can then effectively make informative decisions in real time. The Active Track unit creates assurance to the user, manager and client as an empowerment tool. It enables all parties to react and respond to a security threat or alarm condition and take the appropriate steps, all in real time. These services range from OHS audits through to regular point activations. It is an inclusive open line of communication and real time notification system to all relevant persons concerned.

Our aim is to provide a service of excellence, through development, discipline and dedication to all parties connected through this simple device. This power house of a device is the perfect conduit to ensuring peace of mind.


mapThe Active Track unit sends information to Active View (via GPS) whereby the information received is sorted and driven into different avenues for real time reporting. The direction in which the information travels through an avenue stream is focused by the predetermined and programmed parameters.

The user friendly web based Active View software was dynamically created to give real time reporting of guard patrol movements coupled with the ability to monitor a distress onsite.

Active View is web based software which allows you to monitor the unit anywhere in the world as long as you have access to a PC and internet.  This gives you the mobility of monitoring the activity onsite remotely from your base of operation.

In comparison to relevant competitors, the Active Track unit is one of the most cost effective solutions reinforced by the best technology and driven by a reliable software interface.


  • Security officers are monitored during their patrols
  • Employee can have a tag attached to their person to scan when clocking in and out at the start and end of each shift. Time & Attendance!
  • Cleaning schedules can be tagged.
  • Unlimited number of tags can be utilised for daily, weekly, monthly or sporadic checks.
  • Control room, supervisors & management can be notified when any tag of interest is scanned (fire, burglary, stock shortage etc.)


  • Waste bins can be checked and tagged and a weekly/monthly report is automatically captured.
  • A cleaner can scan a tag at the start and end of each allocated cleaning area. The time and place stamp is recorded. The benefit of this is that it cannot be manipulated.
  • Reduces car patrols of guard supervisors by sending an alert whereby the call centre phones the guard and gets them to pin their location by pressing the “Checkpoint button”. A signal is immediately sent to the call centre and anyone else programmed for receipt of that function.
  • On depot site – can tag a vehicle. This tag can be registered as and when a delivery truck arrives and leaves.
  • Occupational health and safety checklists – an audit trail can be created when each relevant inspection is conducted on a daily/weekly/monthly basis. Tags can be programmed as per required report.
  • The device can be utilised for supervisors or area managers as they can scan-in at each site. Can track movements of all supervisors and area managers.  This ensures all site visits are conducted when necessary and in a timely manner.
  • HEALTHCARE – record of stock levels or shortages. By registering certain tags, a report can be generated when running short on certain stock items.
  • Monitor patrols routes
  • if there is a light out at a specific site, a pre-programmed tag can be scanned generating an alert to the necessary people
  • SCHOOLS – time and attendance of pupils as they arrive and leave the grounds. TIME AND ATTENDENCE.
  • SAPS – the ability for the SAPS to have a communication device within their vehicle. They can raise a panic to call for assistance or back-up. This would be appropriate for all sector policing.
  • On industrial fridges where temperatures need to be tagged on a regular basis. Once tagged an email, sms or alert is generated each time an event is tagged. These can be to alert management or confirm that the temperatures are correct.
  • The device rings a couple of times and is automatically answered. If the guard holding the device is incapacitated at the time –a level of threat can be identified by surrounding sounds or the fact that the guard isn’t available to answer.

There are 2 different types of patrols

  • Specific: monitoring from point A-B-C-D.
  • Random: a number of points designated within a certain time frame with no sequence.


Residents have direct communications to guard/s on site. Residents can call ahead to ensure guard can meet them at the gate or at their front door. Residents can call from inside their home regarding anything suspicious or to alert guard of visitor.

Areas in complex can be tagged to ensure proper nightly/hourly inspections.

Supervisors and Area Managers have direct communication with guards on duty.

Open line of communication between residents and device. This empowers the resident to enquire about any unusual noise or disturbance on and around the property.

Guard can raise a panic anywhere by pushing the Panic Button on his baton.


The Active Track is equipped with the following technologies

–          RFID

–          GSM

–          GPRS

–          GPS

These allow the following:

Through the RFID – create a real-time patrol monitoring route

GSM – allows you to phone the device and raise a panic through the network (as long as there is GSM network)

GPS – allows you to track the device.

The device encompasses the following features of a communication device on site

–          Reporting

–          Communication

–          On-site patrols

–          Time and attendance

–          The device has the ability to give a time and date stamp to any RFID tag that can be labelled with all employee details and can be designated to any specific RFID tag. This can create a report that is sent to pre-programmed individuals (managers, supervisors)

Has a PLEASE CALL ME function which automatically generates emails/sms’s to pre-determined contacts.

The device is water-proof

There is a tamperproof switch on the back-end of the device; there is a sabotage –proof function which sends an alarm to the call-centre (active view) if the unit is tampered with in any way.

There is a man-down function (if the device is stationery for an extended period of time, an alarm signal is automatically sent)

The devise is client specific.

You can time and date stamp anything with an RFID tag. An even tag can be used to generate any message once scanned.

This application can be developed for any scenario.


The Active View software monitors all RFID transmissions in real-time. These includes Panics, Please Call Me’s, Missed Patrol’s etc.

The software monitors all guards and device users whereabouts.

Time & Date – Asset Tagging reporting is generated through Active View.

(A patrol route is created and if these aren’t clocked within a certain time frame, an alarm is generated through ACTIVE VIEW and the unit is phoned to confirm where guard is)


Event Tagging is used when tags need to be registered at certain times. These can be for stock-takes, clocking in/out, industrial site inspections and general patrols.

Exception Reports are created when event tagging is required and conducted.

Reaction officers can be tracked – this can done by placing a tag on a signboard or property entrance, this tag is registered and the guard carries on with response.

The officer registers the tag which generates an email/sms confirming they were on site at a specific time. This saves time on paperwork and creates an electronic paper trail.

VIP Protection – allows you to raise a panic in any location and people of interest can be located anywhere.

Clients can time and date stamp anything with an RFID tag. An event tag can be used to generate any message once scanned.

The Event Tagging application can be developed for any scenario where a tag can be registered.

Reports on any alarm condition

Empowering supervisors or area managers to be aware of their guard’s whereabouts.

Active Track

  • GSM Voice/SMS
  • RFID reader
  • Panic Function
  • Man Down Function
  • Waterproof
  • Tamper Proof

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