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Active Track units manufactured
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About Active Track Personal GPS & Communicator

Active Track is a revolutionary security device that provides GPS location, real time monitoring and critical 2 way communication with Security Guards or personnel.

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Features and Benefits of Active Track

  • TWO WAY voice communication device with only pre-programmed outgoing distress calling but incoming voice calls
  • SEND signal via GPRS to monitoring station with reply request
  • RECEIVE incoming calls
  • PERSONAL protection system
  • PANIC button enables sending alarm signal – data and voice transmission in case of an emergency situation – lone worker protection
  • MAN DOWN motion sensor for fall detection
  • AUTOMATED notification in life threatening situations
  • GEO POSITIONING / GeoFencing configuration – Set GPS parameters and Active Track can send an alarm signal if the device moves to a position outside the defined range
  • ALLOW both outdoor & indoor tracking: Delivers satellite data such as accurate time and satellite status to the GPS receiver. This enables a GPS receiver to determine a position within seconds even in poor signal conditions and has been extremely successful in remote locations.
  • TAMPER detection allert and excessive shock detection send an alarm signal in the event of any attempts to tamper with or destroy the device
  • ONLINE real time tracking and history including GPS location
  • LARGE memory capacity
  • BUILT IN memory for registering up to 2000 events in the devices history allows collecting information about alarm signals, voice / sms connections and the route registred by GPS
  • PRE PROGRAMMED buttons for sending SMS alarm

The ACTIVE TRACK unit is a new security device manufactured by EBS that integrates a GPS receiver and a quad band GSM/GPRS mobile phone within a highly durable case. This advanced device can be applied both indoors and outdoors because of A-GPS service that supports GPS signals from satellites by GSM/GPRS.

The Active Track unit was designed to be a modern, easy to use device that offers many applications and a variety of benefits to its users.

The handy, waterproof and shock resistant casing, with built-in accelerometer, ensures that the device can be used both by commercial and private users: logistics companies, security & fire services, townhouse complexes, healthcare providers and child protection.


The following list proves how the Active Track unit can be used either in a building (with fixed RFID points) or in large open areas (where GPS is necessary).

  • VIP Protection
  • On-Site Patrols (security, industrial, commercial, residential)
  • Time and Date Stamping (attendance and auditing)
  • Security escort of residents in a residential complex


GPS and RFID in one device

The Active Track unit has both RFID and GPS – All functionality in one device.

Two-way voice communication device                                                                                                                 

The Active Track unit can be used as a cell phone, whereby the user can send signal via GPRS to the monitoring station (Please Call Me function).  The Active Track unit is able to receive calls only.

Personal protection system

The PANIC button on the Active Track unit sends an alarm signal when pressed. This signal immediately alerts the monitoring station who in turn will call the device.

MAN DOWN motion sensor for fall detection 

The Active Track unit offers a fully automated notification system about a life-threatening situation. It is also possible to configure fixed position – thanks to tilt detection; the Active Track unit can send an alarm signal in case of position change.

A-GPS (Assisted GPS)

Allows both outdoor & indoor tracking; help by delivering satellite data such as accurate time and satellite status to the GPS receiver. This aiding data enables a GPS receiver to compute a position within seconds, even under poor signal conditions. It helps in emergency situation, in rough environments.


Tracking and monitoring position of GPS users with automatic alarm signal if the user crosses the boundary of pre-determined zone. An effective solution for GeoFencing would be for child protection.

Tamper detection alert

Excessive shock detection – a notification is sent through to the monitoring station about all mechanical attempts to destroy the device. The Active Track unit contains a Tamper switch – this prevents opening the device by unauthorized persons.

Online, real time tracking and history

Online internet application for tracking GPS location – Active View.

Large Memory Capacity

Built-in memory for registering up to 2000 historical events; allows the collecting of information about alarm signals, voice / SMS connections and the route registered by GPS.

GPS Position via SMS

Programmed buttons sends an SMA, via Active View, of the GPS positioning to a pre-programmed number/s.

Can be extended with new functionalities


Active Track with GPS and RFID Reader

Reader Type

Proximity RFID

Frequency and Standard

125kHz, unique

RFID read-out distance

3-4cm (depends on transponder type)
GSM module u-blox Leon G-100 (850/900/1800/1900 MHz)
GPS module


50 channel u-blox 6 engine

A-GPS online/offline support


Position accuracy

< 2,5 m

Power supply

5V / 1A

Power socket

Standardised Micro USB type B plug


Li-Polymer, 2400 mAh

Battery working time after full charge

24 hours


121 x 60 x 30 mm


Waterproof & Shock Resistant


150g (device), 30g (charger)

Motion Sensor

3-axis motion sensor (accelerometer)
Interface and General Features
Internal speaker and microphone
4 buttons for easy operating
Ambient operating temperature: -20ᵒC to +60ᵒC
Voice Call
Silent Call
Configuration Local: PC through RS232 link (LX cable and AGP3 programmer required)Remote: via GPRS, SMS, CSD

Alarm events buffer size


Quantity of system events stored in history


Active Track

  • GSM Voice/SMS
  • RFID reader
  • Panic Function
  • Man Down Function
  • Waterproof
  • Tamper Proof

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