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Calypso Wireless Alarm System

calypso-control-panelSimple functionality and quick installation with CALYPSO

The Calypso Wireless Control Panel, the latest Alarm offering from EBS in Poland, and distributed by Active Track in South Africa, meets all the basic requirements for securing offices, commercial premises, houses, small industrial buildings, garages and holiday homes.

The CPX200N Control Panel is a highly functional Alarm Control Panel, which is integrated with a GPRS transmitter. It boasts simple functionality, durable service and quick installation. The small dimensions and modern design of the keypad, makes it possible to programme up to seven zones.

For more demanding applications the Calypso CPX200NW Control Panel system reliably meets the requirements of more complex buildings as well. Both panels (CPX200N and CPX200NW) support up to three keypads, so that the alarm can be armed / disarmed from three different locations.  This becomes extremely useful in office buildings with multiple entry and exit points, or in homes with balcony doors and garage entry points.

As this is a wireless system, the detector can be placed anywhere. There are no dedicated detectors required, and no need to distribute meters of unnecessary cabling.

The Calypso system can be operated with nine 4-button remote controls, and functionality can be freely configured. The Arming / Disarming of the system by radio, is confirmed each time by a buzzer. The Calypso system supports up to 16 lines, including nine wireless. Each panel has the ability to divide the inputs into two zones of which the user can assign any number of lines to each zone.

Calypso is also integrated with AlertView, a mobile smart phone application that allows you to manage all the features of the Control Panels remotely by multiple users. This application allows the user to manage all the features of the Control Panel remotely, including:  Arm / disarm each partition, Assign sensors and messages, Alarm notification, Preview event history, as well as Immediate notification of appropriate services.

Advantages of the Calypso Control Panel include:

  • Easy Operation: The system is free of any complicated functions.
  • Functionality: The simple design not only allows for quick and easy installation but also keeps the price affordable for the end-user.
  • Adaption to different markets needs: The product has been designed based on research of client requirements from all over the world.
  • Quality & safety: The EBS Research and Development department constantly incorporate the high, European quality of components and provides ongoing technical support.
  • Competitiveness: EBS with its simplistic deign and affordable pricing is highly competitive with leading products from around the world.

calypso-wirelessMain Features of the Calypso Alarm Control Panel

  • Supports up to three LED keypads
  • Transmission of signals through GPRS/SMS module
  • The Control Panels allows you to program text messages to 10 different users
  • The system provides a warranty of reliable data transmission (GPRS communicator integration), AES encryption, quick and easy configuration, remote arming and disarming.


  • Seven zones-type DEOL, possible conversion on EOL or NO/NC
  • Nine wireless zones
  • Ability to set two zones with any amount of inputs

Response Line types

  • Instant
  • Delay
  • 24h burglary
  • Arming/disarming
  • 24h tamper
  • Interior delay
  • 24h burglary silent


  • One monitored alarm output, high-current (max. current 1.1A)
  • Two monitored alarm outputs, low-current (max. current 50mA)
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Active Track

  • GSM Voice/SMS
  • RFID reader
  • Panic Function
  • Man Down Function
  • Waterproof
  • Tamper Proof

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