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Active Track units manufactured
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Smart Homes & THE 21st century GUARD PATROL system

smart home security systemsThe buzz word in the security industry is the new Smart Home. The technology that has allowed you to check you bath water temperature, to programming your television viewing for the next 6 months while fishing in the Seychelles, has had an immense impact on home security.

With the ever improving bandwidth availability and sufficient internet speeds, security companies are incorporating audio visual controls and adding video surveillance to their offerings. The goal of integration is to combine the home automation and home security system into a single platform.

Our challenges in South Africa are very specific. Hijacking and home invasions are a reality and can only be managed by deploying the correct deterrent to manage the risk.
While South Africans is an early adaptor to technology the basic securing deterrent such as an effectively manned security solution, a trustworthy alarm system and a quick, reliable armed response company is the tried and tested deterrent utilised in order to manage the very real threats we face.

We believe that ActiveTrack is as revolutionary as the advent of the Smart Home. It is a device that has integrated the basic disciplines of effective security and has propelled the industry into the 21st century through the use of the GSM network. ActiveTrack is the upgrade of the successful Active Guards system. Both a product of EBS, the Polish technology company. EBS are manufacturing and R&D specialist that has been active in the world security market for 25 years. They specialize in development and manufacturing of security devices that operate on the GSM/GPRS/SMS networks. The use of the GSM network has freed the devise they manufacture from the restrictions of using radio Frequency to transmit information from site. Detailed point descriptions, real time transmission of data and an unlimited number of weigh points or patrol points can be added to a site to effectively manage a site

The features that ActiveTrack devise has that makes it into the unique tracking devise are as follows:

  • Two-way voice communication.
  • PANIC button in case of emergencies
  • MAN-DOWN function (built-in accelerometer)
  • A-GPS (Assisted GPS)
  • Geo-Fencing
  • Tamper detection alert
  • Online, real time tracking and history
  • Large memory capacity
  • Programming buttons for sending an SMS alarm
  • The ability to extended the device with new function
  • Silent call to verify emergency situations.

We focus on the function of the ActiveTrack device when used as a Guard Patrol monitoring device.

Active Track ensures that the security guard is following the site operations infrastructures by patrolling and scanning the RFID tags that are strategically positioned. The points need not be physical RFID points but because the ActiveTrack device it GPS enabled, they can be GPS waypoints. The basic principal is that should a security officer be alert and patrolling, the probability of a security incident is exponentially reduced. The important feature that distinguishes the Active Track unit from the competition is that the data is transmitted at the moment as the point is scanned, ensuring that the Active View software can record the event off site in real time. As the event happens the control room knows that an event has occurred or that a patrol point has not been reached in the time required. The appropriate action can be taken in real time.

The RFID points are labelled and assigned to a site on the purpose designed ActiveView software platform and the parameters are set for the required patrols as defined by the site instructions. The patrol can be random or set up in various patterns. The rule is set up for each point and the system interrogates the data per point scanned by the ActiveTrack device. When an event occurs, such as a patrol point not having completed, a point having been missed, the specific site instructions as to the necessary remedial action required, is clearly visible to the operator and immediate remedial action can be taken.

If necessary the same occurrence can be communicated seamlessly via email or SMS to the responsible people attached to the site. In addition to the instant display on the Active View dashboard that is available to a control room, the same information is available via the web-based ActiveView software to all authorised parties.

The Active View software allows a security company to realistically meet any service level agreement which penalises missed or failed patrols. It also allows Active Track (Pty) Ltd to provide our clients with a unique offering to manage such service level agreements.

While the guard is on patrol with an Active Track unit, he is able to raise an alarm by pressing the panic button on the device. There is no need for the unreliable long range panic buttons or costly control panels and communicators. The panic signal is instantaneously displayed on the ActiveView software together with a clear instruction as to what action needs to be taken, specific to the site to which the baton is deployed. A panic signal can also be relayed to interested parties via email or SMS automatically. The location of where the panic signal was activated is recorded and can be viewed on the Active View software via Google Earth. The device can immediately be phoned by the control room to enquire as to what the emergency is and react accordingly.

The direct communication with the device is a distinct advantage since it also empowers the client to have direct access to the security officer without having to have a broken telephone discussion via a control room.

In addition, there is a facility to contact the device by placing a silent call. The device will not ring and the control room can listen into the events that are transpiring on site in the event of an emergency situation, without alerting the criminal.

ActiveTrack is a user friendly, effective tool which improves the quality of service a guarding company can provide. The devise highlights the problems that occur on a site in real time. The supervisors can be used to resolve real issues as opposed to relying on random patrols to “catch” there staff not working correctly. The ActiveTrack unit is like have a supervisor accompanying the Security Officer 24 hours a day.

We look forward to demonstrating our product to you.

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Active Track

  • GSM Voice/SMS
  • RFID reader
  • Panic Function
  • Man Down Function
  • Waterproof
  • Tamper Proof

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