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Guard monitoring Spotlight – Security Focus | Vol 32 No 9 2014

active-track-offerActive Track is a revolutionary new security device that provides GPS location, real-time monitoring and critical two-way communication with your company’s security officers or other personnel.

This latest offering from Active Track has evolved from the company’s highly successful Active Guard. According to Justin Moller, business development manager at Active Track, the new Active Track now incorporates GPS together with the launch of Active View, a web-based application designed for Active Track users.

“Active View offers expanded functionality and easy operation,” says Mr Moller. “It also offers unlimited control over employees and protected objects from any place in the world to be done in real time, not only via the scanning of RFID points, but via GPS as well. It is the next generation of the tried and tested Active Guard device.

Why Active Track?

Through one simple, easy-to-use, but highly dynamic device, the Active Track offers a range of uses for a wide variety of industries, including live tracking, patrol monitoring, time and attendance and asset tracking. The Active Track is the ideal tool for patrolling security officers in the security industry, mining personnel on mining sites, as well as lone workers and personnel who are based on remote sites in rural areas.

Communication Capabilities

Communication for this all-in-one device takes place through the GPRS/GSM network, providing the ability to raise a silent call or loud ringing panic signal, when necessary, from any location in the world. It includes a man-down function, with an automated alarm, if the device is stationary for an extended period of time.

Complete Management Tool

The Active Track unit is user-friendly for employees, while providing innovative reporting to the end-user, offering the ability to take informed decisions or action in realtime. It offers an inclusive open line of communication and real-time notification system to all relevant persons concerned. This provides peace-of-mind by enabling all parties to react and respond to a security threat or alarm condition and take the appropriate and
immediate action.

Active View

The Active Track unit sends information to the Active View web-based system via GPRS. This application offers real-time reporting and the ability to monitor any emergency situation from any location. The information is received,
sorted and directed to various avenues for realtime reporting.

Strength and Durability

Mr Moller says that in comparison to similar offerings on the market today, Active Track is a highly competitive and cost-effective solution. It’s also driven by reliable software technology, and is exceptionally durable in order to operate efficiently, even in the harshest of environments. Mr Moller says the device is completely tamper-proof with a sabotage-proof function, which will signal the alarm if the device is tampered with. It is also water-proof. “We challenge all our competitors to place their device in a jug of water during a sales presentation and still be able to use it,” says Mr Moller.

Operational Efficiency

In addition to a security management tool, Mr Moller says that Active Track is a highly effective for business intelligence and facilities management, offering end-users valuable information about what is taking place on the ground of their operations. “Active Track has incorporated the best of the industry by learning through our years of experience,” he adds.

Unique Business Model

Active Track enables the smallest of companies to provide a solution to compete with the largest of companies. “Our business model includes an affordable rental option and 24- hour swop out if the client is not completely satisfied with the device,” he says. “There is also no risk to the end-user, because our unique business model offers a range of invest or rental options,” says Mr Moller. “The Active Track just makes good business sense and its features provide a real return on investment,” he says. “We invite security managers to view our product’s exceptional capabilities. The product really does speak for itself,” he concluded.

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Active Track

  • GSM Voice/SMS
  • RFID reader
  • Panic Function
  • Man Down Function
  • Waterproof
  • Tamper Proof

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