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Active Track units manufactured
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Activetrack, A real-time Personnel monitoring system that never sleeps


Reliability and accountability are the most important factors when it comes to physical security.

If the security guard deployed at your site is patrolling, the incidents of crime is significantly reduced. Active Track will give you this peace of mind.

The Active View Software designed by EBS, is the ideal platform to monitor security officers and other employees performing their duties at all times. “Active View provides complete peace-of-mind without the hassle of any complicated on-site installation process,” says Justin Moller, Business Development Manager at Active Track.

“Designed to complement the state-of-the art Active Guard (Real Time Tour System) and the Active Track (Personnel GPS tracker), Active View provides full access to data on employee’s activities, as well as tagged objects via the web based access,” says Moller. “Active View is fast, simple and easy to set-up with an application designed to work with multiple browsers. No static IP address or APN’s are needed and the system is truly a plug and play solution. The fast reaction time by EBS to effect software changes that were needed to suit our specific requirements in Africa has demonstrated their commitment to making Active Track the industry brand name for guard monitoring.”

The GPS enabled devise further enhances the users experience in that there is a clear visual record of the guard’s patrols on a site. This is the perfect solution when monitoring the shift supervisor’s activities. The Active Track propriety written Reporting software, developed by Sovtech (Pty) Ltd, has taken the best practices of the industry and produced the market leading management reporting system, with seamless client interface. The automated daily reports ensures the security guarding company can demonstrate to the client that the service on site is being performed as per an agreed Service level agreement.

In addition, Active Track can be used as a human resources management tool for the security industry, Active View offers all the information you need about security officers on duty at any site, empowering the guarding company to comply with specific training and competency requirements a site may have. In addition, it offers a powerful Time and Attendance functionality, ensuring that employees can be booked on duty, no matter where the site is situated, as long as there is a GPRS signal available.

The Active View web application allows the user to add a range of flexible patrol routes and settings that can be previewed on the map with checkpoints dates, times, speed and direction displayed. The system uses RFID tags to set up a patrol route, but virtual GPS waypoints can also be used to track the security personnel on patrol. The guard is notified to start his patrol with an audible alarm generated by the baton.

Active View processes alarm events in real time. Communication take place through the GPRS / GSM network, providing the ability to raise a silent call or loud ringing panic signal, when necessary, from any location in the world. It includes a man-down function, with an automated alarm if the device is stationery for an extended period of time. Active View is a powerful management tool with regular reports delivered by email, in addition to any real-time SMS and email notifications about any alarms detected by the application.

Active View can be integrated with other monitoring software. This is an easy to operate application with customer oriented interface. The application has been published in English, French, Portuguese Spanish, Russian, Polish, Romanian and, Hebrew.

“Active Track (Pty) Ltd offers a competitive and cost-effective business model which provides the complete Active Track package on an affordable monthly rental. It empowers all security provider to offer the end user with an effective Business Intelligence and Facilities management tool, while having the peace of mind knowing that their guards performing the correct duties on site,” adds Moller.

Active Track is a world class guard tour solution that every security company needs.

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Active Track

  • GSM Voice/SMS
  • RFID reader
  • Panic Function
  • Man Down Function
  • Waterproof
  • Tamper Proof

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